Owned by The Shengtai Group, Rapid is part of a massive Chinese conglomerate that manufactures tyres for cars, SUVs, both big and light trucks, commercial buses and even for aeroplanes. The company owns ten brands and produces over 21 million tyres yearly in a state of the art facility in China. Despite its relative anonymity, Rapid has been ‘rapidly’ gaining attention from industry insiders and customers for their dynamic patterns, innovative design, and robust endurance, and high quality.

Rapid tyres are manufactured to the highest standards using advanced equipment and top quality materials.  Rapid tyres are designed to give you performance when you need it with specially designed grooves to improve straight line stability, wet grip performance and heat dissipation.  Rapid tyres are rigorously tested to the highest standards. All rapid tyres are certified by DOT, ECE, INMETRO, GCC, REAC H, BIS, SN I, SONCAP, CCC, ISO 16949 and O.H SAS18001.


  • Just because a tyre is ‘good’ value doesn’t mean it should only be ‘good’ quality. Rapid Tyres strive for excellence in quality whilst still offering you the best value for your money, protecting you and your wallet.


  • With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing tyres and the latest in tyre manufacturing machinery, you can be sure our tyres are of the highest standards and conform to strict quality controls.


  • Performance where it matters. Your tyres are the only contact you have with the road so they need to perform when it matters. Rapid Tyres are designed with performance in mind across the entire range giving you total peace of mind.


The Rapid P-309 is an all-season, passenger car, value tyre designed for urban driving. Its tread pattern is symmetrical to enhance straight-line stability for a comfortable ride. This tread design also makes the tyre tread wear-resistant while providing superior traction and braking in all weather conditions. Longitudinal grooves keep the tyre’s surface dry while tilted centre rib sipes improve acceleration. The Rapid P309 also features unique silencer grooves making the airflow smoother over the tyre, significantly reducing road noise.

Grooves on main ribs

Silencer grooves on the main ribs allow smooth air flow to reduce road noise.

Grooved central rib

Tilted sipes in the center rib improves acceleration and ensures straight line stability.

Four longitudinal grooves

4 wide longitudinal grooves enhance water evacuation on wet roads, improving traction and reducing wet weather drift.

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