195-75R-16C MR 200 MIRAGE CHINA

  1. Light Truck & Van Tyres: MR200 is our light truck tires with enhanced durability and mileage in Mirage brands
  2. Tyre range: 12-16 inch
  3. Speed Rating: Q-T
  4.  Application: light trucks, pickups, and vans

Section width 195 (mm) Linear distance between the outside of the sidewalls of an inflated pneumatic tyre, excluding elevations due to labelling (marking), decoration or protective band or ribs.
Aspect ratio 75 (percentage) Ratio of the nominal section height to the nominal section width expressed as a percentage in a multiple of 5 (ending in 0 or 5).
Construction R (Radial) Radial tyres have body ply cords that are laid radially from bead to bead, nominally at 90º to the centerline of the tread. Two or more belts are laid diagonally in the tread region to add strength and stability. Variations of this tyre construction are used in modern passenger vehicle tyre.
Rim Diameter 16 (inch) Diameter of rim seat supporting the tyre bead.
Load index 107 (975kg/2150lbs) One or two numbers which indicate the load the tyre can carry in single or in single and dual operation at the speed corresponding to the associated speed category.
Load index dual 105 (925kg/2010lbs)  
Speed Rating R (170km/h/106mph) The speed symbol is made up of a single letter or an A with one number. It indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its Load Index
Load range D (6 ply) Load range means a letter (C, D, E, etc.) used to identify a given LT size tyre with its load classification and inflation limits. The load-carrying capacity of passenger tyres is rated as either Standard Load, Light Load or Extra Load.
TL/TT TL (Tubeless) Tyre specifically designed for fitting to appropriate wheel rims without an inner tube.
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